Sunday, December 13, 2009

1. Start a Blog

When I first started thinking about 52 New Things I knew that New Thing #1 would be "Start a Blog". So even though it is patently obvious that I have already done that, the compulsive side of my nature requires that I duly note it, and now I have. I should also note that, as anyone who has ever made a blog knows (and now I do), it is very, very easy. I encourage everyone else who hasn't already to try it, since it's also fun.

There were two other reasons I felt compelled to make this entry. One is that I wanted to thank my friend Julia, who came up from Massachusetts to celebrate my birthday and assure me that making a new blog is very easy as she showed me how to do it. After it was done, she also gave me the funniest, though probably the most Vermont-appropriate, birthday present I've ever been given. I am now the sort-of-proud owner of my very own Snuggie (and the nite light came with it, too) in my favorite color (green). As you can see from the photo, Julia has her own slightly racier leopard print Snuggie.

The last reason I needed to make this entry was to do two other things I am going to try to do on all the numbered entries that follow as well. First, I plan to take my friend Matthew's excellent suggestion and spend the year learning to say four simple phrases in 52 languages. And second, I am going to post things that are tentatively or firmly on the agenda in the weeks ahead to see if others want to join in. So, first, the language, and of course, anyone who knows me would guess that I'd start with this one.

52 Ways to Say I Love You

1. In Kiswahili

Hujambo (Hello)
Kwaheri (Goodbye)
Ninakupenda (I love you)
Naomba bia mbili, tafadhali? (May I have two beers, please?)

Coming Attractions in January

2. Go to Nepal (December 28 - January 8): Sorry, not sure how many people can join me on this one, but did want to thank my friends Cliff and Nicole for inviting me to Kathmandu and making the whole thing possible.
3. Try Ice Climbing (Saturday, January 16): That is, assuming I make it onto the Wilderness Program list as soon as they open it. If I get wait-listed I'll go for the tamer snow shoe hike up Mt. Hunger that is also on my list. Any colleagues or students want to sign up with me?
4. Learn How to Make Fresh Mozzarella (Thursday, January 28): My friend Mark has offered to come over and show me how to turn milk into one of my favorite kinds of cheese. My kitchen isn't very big, but anyone who wants to come over and learn as well, please let me know!


  1. January 28th also happens to be my birthday. Ironically, I also happen to love Mozzarella cheese! Love the snuggie! :)

  2. Aren't Snuggies wonderful! I am actually wearing mine (leopard print) now! Looking forward to our lunch tomorrow.
    Congrats on crossing one thing off of yours list!!!!

  3. I love it. Mazel tov on your 52 new things blog TT!

  4. I'd love to join you for the Mozzarella lesson.

  5. yay! snuggies and blogs! and dont we rock them?
    thanks for the shout out!