Friday, October 15, 2010

Serendipidity 9. Start Tigist on her own list of New Things (ice skating)

So, I should be working, but I just had to do a quick little Serendipity post because my niece, Tigist, is in town visiting with her mom and dad, Katrinka and Brian, and this morning I got to start her off on her own list of new things when I took her ice skating for the first time. Brian was the cheering section and took some photos, and here they are.

I also included a shot of Tigist, Katrinka and me at Ben and Jerry's and Tigist and me at the playground across the street from my home. Before they came to Vermont, they were visiting friends in Boston, including Siham, and here is a picture of her along with Katrinka and Tigist. On Sunday Katrinka and Brian are going to do the last of the Camel's Hump in four seasons hikes with me, and I am so excited that they came all the way from Tacoma, Washington to do this hike together. Should be great!


  1. Aweee, very cute, Trish. You are blessed to have such a beautiful family.