Thursday, December 31, 2015

January Report: New Year, Big Plans

First blog post of 2016, and the plan is to do one each month in 2016 as a way to record progress (and hopefully not too many setbacks) and the coming month's goals.

1. Skating. Although it didn't figure into my formal skating goals, in December I did one of my favorite events of the year,  participating in the Leddy Park Arena holiday skating show with some of the friends I've made through the adult skating program there.  Although it only lasted for less than two minutes, it was a ton of fun, and I have to say, I thought our costumes were great.  The performance taught me a valuable lesson, though.  I need to practice a LOT more.  All the moves I thought I had gotten down in practice felt stiff and poorly executed on the day of the performance.  it was fun, but I realized that when you're nervous -- as is inevitable in a test or performance -- you have to fall back on really, really knowing things from having practiced them a whole lot. In December I was pleased because I had gotten my skating up to five days a week, but my plan for January is to get the periods of skating to be longer, with at least two ninety minute sessions in those five days, So, the January goals are: skate at least five days a week (once I'm back in Vermont) with at least two 90 minute sessions in those five days; and focus on the following: the skills of my bronze moves in the field test; the Dutch Waltz; and improving my extremely poor two-footed spin and waltz jump.
These are some of my morning skating buddies at the Leddy rink (Patsy, Mary, Mary, Liz, me and Donna). They've taught me a ton, and inspired me to keep going in both figure skating and ice dancing.

2.  Getting Outside. I did a fair amount of hiking in the fall -- some with the Wilderness Program and some with Jon and other friends.  It's taking a long time for winter to get here this year, but I have an inevitable set of challenges coming my way in January: the Wilderness Program's winter training and leading hitter hikes as a probationary leader.The winter training will happen January 14, 15 and 16 and, weather permitting, will include a day each of snow shoe hiking, ice climbing and mountaineering.  I'm nervous and excited at the same time, and think the February report should be interesting!  In addition, I have high hopes of using the time before school starts and the weekends of January to do some additional winter hiking and cross country skiing, so if anyone else is of a mind to as well, let me know, please.

One of my favorite outdoor adventures from last year was a night time cross country ski with Jon and  our friend Michelle.  Here's hoping for some more opportunities this winter.

3. Rock Climbing.  Between my finger injury and a lot of travel in December, I'm painfully behind on this one.  January will be a month of playing catch-up and the goal is simply to get in a groove of getting to the climbing gym at least twice a week for the month of January.

4. Being Better.  I'm happy to say that my fifty thank you letter project has begun.  First three thank you letters have been written and sent, and I need to send out four more in the month of January to get back on schedule.  The Be Better Book Club is in the process of reading David Brook's The Road to Character.  I haven't decided what my January volunteering event will be, so if someone has an idea, shoot me a message please!

So, that's it.  In a nutshell the plan for the month of January is:

  • Have some hopefully not too scary adventures outside with the Wilderness Program and anyone else who wants to do some marching, gliding or climbing through snow and ice together:
  • Read a make-me-better book, write four letters and spend an afternoon or evening do a good deed;
  • Get back into rock climbing regularly;
  • And skate as much as I possibly can --  looking forward to lots of hours at the rink and hope some friends will join me.
Anyone who's up for doing any of these together, give me a shout.  And feel free to share your New Year's resolutions.  I love reading other peoples' and getting new ideas. Happy New Year!

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